Event 29 January 2011, 18:00

Long Night of Museums: Reading Performance "Genet non-stop"

Inside the Genet-Exhibition actors and actresses read texts by and about the French author, whose autobiographic works mainly deal with theft, murder, treason and homosexuality. They when first published his texts entailed indignation and censorship.
Archive and library are open during the Long Night, there are regular guided tours. The members of the museum are ready for inquiries.



Event 03 February 2011, 19:00

Film Screening: FOCUS GENET

 By Olaf Brühl (in German language)

Lesung 24 March 2011

Tania Witte: beziehungsweise liebe

Tania Witte lebt und schreibt seit 2004 in Berlin. Die Schriftstellerin, Journalistin und Spoken-Word-Performerin ist Mitherausgeberin des ebenfalls im Querverlag erschienenen Bandes Drag Kings. Um der Stille des Schreibens etwas entgegenzusetzen, gründete sie mit einigen anderen Künstlerinnen „Shut Up And Speak“, die Berliner Spoken-Word-Bühne für Frauen und Trans*.
beziehungsweise liebe ist ihr erster Roman.

Event 01 April 2011

Pascal, Gödel, Wittgenstein

Performance and lecture by Austrian artist Mara Mattuschka (in German language)

Event 14 April 2011

Movie Premiere: Wittgenstein

Im Rahmen der laufenden Ausstellung Ludwig Wittgenstein. Verortungen eines Genies wurde der Film Wittgenstein von Derek Jarman (UK 1993, Länge ca. 75 Min.) gezeigt.

Lecture 26 April 2011

On Speaking and Whistling: Ludwig Wittgenstein´s 122th Birthday

By Bernhard Schütz and Helmuth Drevs (in German language)

Lecture 01 May 2011

David G. Stern: On Dialogues – Wittgenstein's Literary Style and Philosophical Methods

Guided Tour 15 May 2011, 15:00

International Museum Day: Guided Tours

By Karl-Heinz Steinle (curator of the permanent exhibition) and guided tour through the library and archive by Jens Dobler (head of the archive) (in German language)

Event 07 June 2011

Movie Program: Ludwig Wittgenstein at the Movies

With music performance by Wolfgang Müller - Die tödliche Doris (in German language)

Lecture 08 June 2011

Wittgenstein, Image and Text

Discussion with Matthias Kroß and Thomas Macho (in German language)

Lecture 08 June 2011, 20:00

Long Night of Libraries - Reading: In Schrebers Garten

Maria Brendel reads from the novel In Schrebers Garten, discussion Kai Tuchmann and the author Klaas Huizing (in German language)

Event 16 June 2011, 16:00

Alles schwul? History and Future of the Gay Rights Movement and Popular Culture

Discussion with Henning Bech, Ilona Bubeck, Semirah Kenawi, Elmar Kraushaar moderated by Birgit Bosold (in German language)

Event 30 June 2011, 19:30

Diane Torr: Sex, Drag and Male Roles

Presentation of the book Sex, Drag and Male Roles by Diane Torr, discussion, performance, lecture (in English and German language)

Lecture 07 July 2011, 19:00

Tanja Walther-Ahrens:Change of Sides - Coming-Out in Soccer

Tanja Walther-Ahrens presents her book about the homosexuality in soccer (in German language)

Event 08 July 2011, 17:45

Querpass – Movie Night about Women´s Soccer

Screening of three movies by Tanja Bubbel, David Assman, Ayat Najafi and Brigitte Weich (in German language)

Event 14 July 2011

20 Years of Publishing House rosa Winkel, 70 Years of Wolfram Setz

The publisher and initiator of Bibliothek rosa Winkel celebrates his 70th birthday (in German language)

Event 27 August 2011, 19:00

Long Night of Museums - „andererseits. Künstlerische Einwürfe zur Frauenfußball-WM 2011“, Performance by Juliane Tübke and Tania Elstermeyer, Book Fair and Flea Market



Guided Tour 08 September 2011, 14:00

Guided Tour on the Occasion of the Visit by John Palatinus

Guided tour through the exhibition and visiting the archives
together with John Palatinus.

Event 29 September 2011, 19:00

Laura Méritt: Pornocracy - Sex in the Movies

Film screening and discussion about the representation of sex in the movies by Catherine Breillat (in German language)

Lecture 25 October 2011, 19:00

James I. Martin: Timed Lives: The Importance of Historical and Biographical Time in Social Science Research on Queer Populations

Sexual and gender identities, and the developmental trajectories of queer people have changed over time, and they continue to change because they are shaped by the socio-historical context. There is also evidence that people’s sexual and gender identities may fluctuate throughout the lifespan. This presentation will examine how both the historical time in which research participants live and the biographical time in their lives, are especially important considerations in the conduct and understanding of social science research on queer populations.

Lecture 03 November 2011, 19:00

Nathalie Percillier: In the Milk

Nathalie Percillier presents her new book (in German language)

Event 12 November 2011, 14:00

Long Day of Lesbian Histories

Guided tour, lectures and film screenings (in German language)

Lecture 23 November 2011, 19:00

Rainer Hörmann: Immer wieder samstags

Rainer Hörmann presents his book (in German language)

Lecture 24 November 2011, 20:00

Perihan Magden: Eli and Ramazan

Discussion and reading with the author Perihan Mağden and Kai Strittmatter (in German language)