Support Us!

The Schwules Museum* offers many opportunities to get involved on a personal level, whether as a member of Verein der Freundinnen und Freunde eines Schwulen Museums in Berlin e.V.  (Friends of a Gay Museum in Berlin), through regular donations or volunteer work.



Donations are the basis of our existence. The annual City Council funding, which we have been receiving since 2010, only accounts for 50% of our finances. We thus rely on donations to guarantee the Museum's continued operation. Join the circle of our supporters!

Donations to the Museum are tax-deductible. We are authorized to issue official statements for donations made to recognized charitable organizations in support of cultural functions, according to German tax law (§ 50 EstDV). Your receipt of donation is issued when we have received your donation.

Donations in kind, in the form of objects, books, magazines, documents and artwork, are gladly welcomed. Official statements recognized by tax authorities may also be issued for donations in kind.

Account Details:
Verein der Freundinnen und Freunde des Schwulen Museums in Berlin e. V.
IBAN:  DE54 1005 0000 6603 1736 87
Bank: Landesbank Berlin - Berliner Sparkasse



As a volunteer, you support our ongoing operations on a regular basis by taking over museum services, helping with events, giving tours of the exhibitions or assisting with work on the archive. Contact us at: personal(at)


Volunteer Opportunities:

The Museum Shop wants you!

We are currently seeking an engaged volunteer (1 day/week – Tuesdays would be perfect) with an understanding of art, design, and literature to assist in the development and supervision of the museum shop.

If interested, contact: Tel. 61 20 22 65 -or- personal(at)


The Museum Library wants you!

We are currently seeking an engaged volunteer to assist in the Museum Library. If you are reliable, enjoy literature, art, and history and enjoy interacting with visitors from around the world, then this position is perfect for you! Ideally you are available for at least one afternoon per month during the week.

If interested, contact: 61 20 22 65 -or- achivbibliothek(at)