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Sex Education and Scandal – 50 Years of Gays and Lesbians in BRAVO

11. May 2012 – 6. August 2012

BRAVO, a magazine that generations of young people have grown up with and which has taught them the facts of life. The magazine appeared for the first time in 1956 and has a fundamental place in popular youth culture as well as media history in West Germany. BRAVO was never sold in the DDR and it was even confiscated at the border. Nevertheless some copies did find their way illegally into the hands of young readers in the East.

But how did a magazine, which was formative for so many young people, deal with the theme of homosexuality? Were lesbians and gay men featured? Was it made for them, too? Our exhibition documents five decades of homo-reporting in BRAVO.

Curator: Erwin In Het Panhuis