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Hilde Knef “Hold me tight”- Memories, Perceptions, Impulses

7. December 2005 – 27. February 2006

Hildegard Knef, an ambitious artist with the courage to take risks, with the courage to be made a fool of. Her life and her career were always extreme, never constant. Successes and failures, admiration and disdain as well as praise and criticism alternated in almost endless sequence.

Again and again she showed her strong will to live, whether it was in bomb-shattered Berlin, during serious illnesses or during a marriage crisis. She touched a lot of people with her openness and honesty and gave them strength.

On 28 December 2005 Hildegard Knef would have celebrated her 80th birthday. But the courageous and versatile personality died of pneumonia on 1 February 2002 in Berlin.

The museum visitor goes on a walk through a many-facetted life and is drawn into the spell of the unique charisma of the artist. Texts and quotations from Hildegard Knef receive new meaning from the perspective of the present. Tribute is paid to the famous actress, singer of chansons, authoress and painter with presentations on related themes and very individual productions. Collages, an original painting and a special stage design set additional features.

Which impulses came from this extraordinary lady? Friends, fans and other artists will be given their forum in this exhibition.

Dieter Bornemann (50), Swiss journalist and bank clerk already tackled the life of Hildegard Knef when he was a young man. Over many years the loyal admirer has been able to acquire a large collection and had the opportunity to have personal meetings with her again and again. A deep bond was created through the profound and trustful conversations.

Knef managed to be remembered also after her death with her varied entire works. Completely true to the motto of her chanson title ”Halt mich fest” (”Hold me tight”).

Curator: Dieter Bornemann