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L-project: Lesbians in Berlin from 1970s to the present

22. August 2008 – 7. December 2008

Under the title L-project the Schwules Museum in a special exhibition presents for the first time politics and culture of lesbian women and the lesbian movement of the past forty years in Berlin. Not for the purposes of a linear historiography the subject is concerned, but rather under the aspect of the disparity.

This appears in particular in the huge number and difference of subject fields which mattered to lesbian women in the most different contexts. Subjects like knowledge, sexuality and power, places and public, (trans) Gender, politics and actionism as well as lesbians in East Berlin structure the exhibition draught calm in cluster. More than 300 exhibits illustrate a various lesbian engagement in all aspects of society. They come from private collections or from public archives like the spinning ground lesbian’s archive, the FFBIZ (Women’s research, education and information centre) or the archive Grey area (archive of the East German women’s movement). They are complemented with film materials and audiomaterials, artistic and documentary photographs – among other things from Petra Gall, Ulrike Ottinger and Marion Denis. The Schwules Museum has during the past years during different special exhibitions – Elisabeth Leithäuser / 2005, mittenmang: Homosexual women and men in Berlin from 1945 to 1969/2003 or Marlene Dietrich in 2001 – and in the permanent exhibition Self-awareness and persistence: Looking back on 200 years of Gay History lights up aspects of the past of lesbian women.

An extensive supporting programme includes conversation evenings, readings and screenings.