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Desire, Love, Passion – Wilfried Laule

25. October 2013 – 1. December 2013

The exhibition presents a selection of the artistic output of a publicly gay life.

At first, Laule’s art was coming-out: “Make your being gay public!” It wasn’t long before his focus shifted from agitation and political posters, which he produced over the course of his entire life of activism for gay rights, to gay experiences. How does one experience gay love, desire and passion once one extricates oneself from the restraints held in place by taboos? The Barberini faun, Michelangelo, early Hockney, the vibrant colors of Matisse and the emotionality of the expressionists, the rhythm of a Jackson Pollock – all of these influenced Laule’s work both directly and indirectly.

Aside from gay self-confidence and gay identities, Laule’s artwork deals on a fundamental level with the existential potentials of male life beyond traditional role concepts.

Curator: Wolfgang Theis