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Drawing – 19 guest artists at the Schwules Museum

3. October 2003 – 15. February 2004

The display on the ground floor consists of recent drawings created by 19 artists. It reveals the essential character of the contemporary drawing as a form of expression that is hardly bound to any fixed material, as a highly flexible and independent medium.

The artists who were invited to contribute, utilize the vitality of drawing and at the same time expand its potential as an ongoing process and experimental field, as a starting point for further impulses, a diary, a political statement and as a narrative. The multitude of thematic approaches has thus become programmatic.

For our exhibition we gathered work of gay male artists from several generations. They cover an expanse of concepts, styles and strategies proving the surprising reliability, but also the mobility and transformability of this medium.

Works of the following artists will be shown: D-L Alvarez, Marc Brandenburg, Ole Bremer, Jn. Ulrick Désert, Heinz Emigholz, Ueli Etter, Jochen Flinzer, Gerd Holzwarth, Nikos Kalaitzis, Peter Knoch, Wilfried Laule, Bas Meerman, Wolfgang Müller, Peter Nansen Scherfig, Piotr Nathan, Miron Schmückle, Hannes Steinert, Georg Weise, Rommelo Yu.

Curators: Wolfgang Theis, Jörg Leidig