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Morepixx? 2023

7. September 2023 – 11. September 2023

Opening: 08 September, 6 pm
Duration: 07 September – 11 September 2023

It’s that time again, we celebrate the queer fetish community! For the 20th edition of the fetish street festival Folsom Europe, we once again present the nominee and winning images of the photo contest Morepixx? Together with curator Taco Smit, for the seventh time the Schwules Museum offers insights into gay fetish worlds of the present – from classic latex, leather and bondage fantasies to more artistic perspectives on aesthetics and community. One thing is clear: this year things are particularly hot, which is why not all the pictures can hang in the museum – they can then be accessed via a QR code on your smartphone.

Featuring work by Dimitri Saveniers, Dari van Hart, Frédérick Bertrand, Eamon Yates, Dimitri Saveniers, Carlos Ponce, Pan, Das Knup, Rene Albers, Eep Seeber, Ash Bonez, Dari van Hart, Paul Lee-Maybard, David Clifton-StrawnRik Versteeg, Joshi Williams and Peter with the LTX-project.

The images will be on view at SMU through Thursday, Sept. 7, through Monday, Sept. 11.

Official opening reception: Friday, September 8, at 5:00 pm. Admission to this is free.

Image: LTX-Project “Fly me to the moon”.