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New in the Collection

7. December 2014 – 29. March 2015

The exhibition “New in the Collection”  takes place for the second time, presenting a selection of the year’s new additions to the archive and art collection at the Schwules Museum*. Thanks to numerous benefactors, we house a unique collection of historical documents, artworks, books and everyday objects, which covers the spectrum of gay, lesbian and trans* culture. For more than 25 years, the Schwules Museum has been collecting these various objects and arranging them for show in exhibitions. With this new exhibition format, the Schwules Museum would like to thank its benefactors and point out the necessity of such gifts, without which no further expansion of the museum’s collection would be possible.

Not without ulterior motives, we make our  new treasures from our archive and collection publicly accessible right before the holidays. This presentation of recent donations is additionally intended to motivate visitors to donate objects and materials from their own collections: Be it gray or fine literature, works or artworks, things or (sweet little) nothings; lesbian, gay, trans* or queer – we welcome all new additions happily, catalogue them and archive them professionally. And in no way do they go lost: you will see them again in exhibitions and books, academic research and documentations.


Curator: Jens Dobler