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Visit from Mexico

24. September 2018

In September we recieved a T-Shirt, a Polo Shirt, a framed newspaper article, and a piece of a rainbow flag from thePresident of the Antidiscrimination Department of Mexico City, Jaqueline L‘Hoist Tapia. The shirts are decorated with symbols in rainbow colors and the newspaper article comes from the mexican newspaper El Universal from July 24th, 2016.

The article reported that Mexico City participated with their own float in the Berlin Christopher Street Day Parade in 2016. The piece of the flag is a piece of a much larger rainbow flag which was displayed in Mexico City in 2015 to represent the capital of Mexico as a city full of sexual and gender diversity.

All of these objects are now a part of our archive collection.

On the photo: Jacqueline L’Hoist, President of the Antidiscrimination Department of Mexico City (2nd from the right), Victor Manuel Jiménez Segovia of the Mexican Embassy / Human Rights Department (right), SMU Head of Archive and Collections Dr. Peter Rehberg (2nd from the left) und Christian Rudolph from the LSVD Board.