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Object of the Month August: Pink Refrigerator Magnet

1. August 2018

There’s a history of collecting „Pink Things” in the Schwules Museum. But not a lot of things relate directly to us – if they do, it is products from gay stores. In the 1980s, many wore ‘Rosa Winkel’ as little badges for coming out. “Act up” used it upside down, with the tip pointing upwards, as a symbol of strength!

I found this “Pink Refridgerator Magnet” in a well-known stationery store which also featured a multitude of offers for schoolchildren. There was a stand with goofy fridge magnets at the checkout. Conceived as a fun gimmick, it was neither produced by nor directed at gays.

During my research about colour codes for conventional gender roles, I was astonished about the fact that the colours of light blue and pink carried the exact opposite meaning until about 100 years ago. From the regally masculine red, pink was derived for boys, the blue of historic depictions of Mary became light blue for girls.

More at: https://www.schwulesmuseum.de/bibliothek-archiv/

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The Object of the month is on display in the library.