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Object of the Month January: Glitter Hat from the estate of Ralph Mohnhaupt (†)

1. January 2019

Aus der Textilsammlung: Glitzerkappe, Nachlass Ralph Mohnhaupt (†)

Ralph Mohnhaupt was best known as a member of the gay theater group „Brühwarm“ from Hamburg. But already at the beginning of the 70’s he was active in gay politics. He was one of the founders of Homosexual Action Hamburgwith Götz Barner and they formed the first gay living community “Ledigen-Heim St. Anna“. Ralph also sang with the a-capella group „Musik liegt in der Luft e.V.“ with Effi Effinghausen & Ernst Maibeck (who in 1979 sang Corny’s song: „Sie hab mir ein Gefühl geklaut“). In 1975 Götz, Ralph and Ernst, together with Corny Littmann, founded the „Oedipus-Kollektiv – Association of Gay Culture Advocates“. The first show was called „Brühwarm – ein schwuler Jahrmarkt“.

With this show they toured Germany and played often before a large hetero audience. In Münich they met Rio Reiser, whose band Ton, Steine, Scherben offered to write music for them. In 1977 the show “Männercharme” was created and the songs appeared on the LP “Mannstoll”. At some gigs Rio even sang with them.

In the estate of Ralph Mohnhaupt, which we aquired from Wieland Speck, are also many private photos, diaries, and papers. A video from a Brühwarm Show in 1977, which we have yet to digitalitze, is an especially exciting document from the time.

We are currently searching for anyone who can help us in digitalizing these 8 Sony Videos, which are playable on a Helical Scan Video Tape Recorder / S-60H. Maybe someone out there can give us a tip on how to do it?

The object of the month for January is exhibited in the library of the Schwules Museum on the first floor.