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Costume Collection (Part 2)

29. August 2018

In August we continued the professional documentation of our textile or costume archive, a documentation which photographer Till Rimmele has donated to the museum.

For the second shooting – in collaboration with BeV StroganoV – interesting suits, uniforms and stage costumes were photographed. Afterwards, they were newly wrapped in silk tissue, sorted and registered in our catalogue. Among the objects is a costume from the famous Rosa von Praunheim movie Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation in der er lebt, from 1971. But there’s also a suit from Schauspielhaus Zurich with an attached photo showing the man who originally wore it in 1954: famous movie actor O. E. Hasse.

Rimmele and StroganoV will continue their project in September with 12 costumes by Madame Eva and drag outfits by Ovo Maltine. This, here, is also a reminder that clothing is worth collecting and giving to our archive!