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Around the World with 80 Gays: Podcast about Schwules Museum

14. June 2018

In June 2018, US podcaster Drew Michael Wunder visited Berlin. Working on his series “Around the World with 80 Gays”, he stopped by Schwules Museum and was guided through the exhibition spaces, the archive and the library. Subsequently, he published a segment about the ‘first and oldest gay museum in the world’ which is available online as of now.

The podcast series “Around the World with 80 Gays” aims at discovering and telling intriguing stories about LGBTIQ*-life worldwide. A special focus is set on social topics, political movements, cultural trends and historic events which influenced the relationship towards sexualities in a variety of cities.

He is planning on doing a total of 80 segments. Schwules Museum is the focus point of episode 6 “Remember, Remember, Ich Bin Ein Berliner.”