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The Neighborhood Goes to the Gay Museum

13. May 2024

At the Schwules Museum, we are currently presenting an important piece of our neighborhood’s history. Our current exhibition entitled “With Legs wide Open: A Whore Ride Through History” offers a unique insight into German and Berlin history from the perspective of sex workers. Through archive material, oral histories and works of art, the history of our neighborhood is illuminated from a completely new, fascinating perspective.

In cooperation with the Tiergarten-Süd district coordination office, we offer special guided tours that connect the neighborhood and the Gay Museum. Our aim is to invite groups and individuals who would not normally find their way to us to join us on this exciting journey. We would also be happy to offer neighborhood meetings and centers the opportunity to organize a walk through the neighborhood to the Gay Museum.

Interested in such a tour? Then contact us at fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de and stk-tiergarten-sued@berlin.de so that we can arrange an appointment! Our guided tours cost 70 euros for groups of up to 25 people and last around 60 minutes. We have reserved a contingent of free guided tours (including free admission) for neighborhood initiatives that may not have the financial means for excursions.

For individual visitors, we offer free guided tours every Thursday at 6 pm and Saturday at 4 pm. You can find all dates here. Join us to experience the fascinating world of our neighborhood’s history and learn more about our diverse community!


A cooperation between the Schwules Museum and the Stadtteilkoordination Tiergarten-Süd



Image: thisismywork/Yu Mitomi/SMU