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1. February 2018

Runtime: February 15 2018 – March 16 2018
Curator: Vera Hofmann
Assistants 2nd Moon: Felix Roadkill, Anina Falasca
Scenography Film Lounge with Carolin Gießner, Théo Demans
Translation: Noemi Molitor

In its 2nd cycle, the 12 Moons Film Lounge is transformed into an archive. For the first time since it aired, the lesbian television news magazine LÄSBISCH TV is made publicly available in its entire run. The show was conceived and produced in Berlin and uniquely documents the extremely productive and equally multifaceted womens’, lesbian and ‘ladies only’ scene of the 1990s.

At the 12 Moons Film Lounge, all 27 episodes of LÄSBISCH TV are available for selection on two monitors. Screenings on the big screen include a “best-of” of episodes 1-10 as well as – in time for this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, the 68th Berlinale – two special editions from 1992 and 1993 addressing the festival. These two editions critique the under-representation of lesbians in the Berlinale program, offering an alternative program in response that includes selected scenes and interviews featuring lesbian icons like Barbara Hammer and Monika Treut. The fact that in 1992 only 44 out of the 440 films shown were created by women*, while only one single film dealt with a lesbian theme, lead the presenters to charge that “The whole Berlinale is a scandal!”.

12 Moons is funded by the Senate Department of Culture as part of the Year of the Women*.

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