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Neuer Research Fellow: Ashkan Sepahvand

1. April 2015

Ashkan Sepahvand is pleased to join the Schwules Museum* for the next 18 months as a Curatorial Fellow as part of the International Museum Fellowship programme funded by The Federal Cultural Foundation.

Here he will be researching the Museum’s archive to develop a re-reading of the history of LGBTIQ*- Heritage in Germany from a post-colonial perspective. This will take on the form of a intervention as part of the Permanent Exhibition of the Schwules Museum* opening in 2018.

Sepahvand is an Iranian-American writer, editor, and curator. He has worked at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt as a Research Fellow for “The Anthropocene Project” (2012-2014), and since 2013 he co-organizes the technosexual reading circle.

His research interests mainly revolve around histories and imaginations of the body, the senses, sexuality, dance, party culture, undergrounds, the commons, utopia, science fiction, ritual, and queer worlding.