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SMU exhibition „Fenster zum Klo” opens in Paris

19. November 2019

Paris is about to get an idea of the magic of public toilets. After its spectacular premiere at the Schwules Museum two years ago, Marc Martins infamous exhibition Fenster zum Klo has finally found its way to the French capital. Under its new title Les Tasses, the show opens November 19 (World Toilet Day, obviously!) at the Point Éphémère in the 10th arrondissement – offering a glimpse into the complicated allure of having sex  in public bathrooms.

Tearoom Track, Marc Maretin

Marc Martin had been trying to bring the exhibition to his hometown for a while. „The museum scene in Paris is still heartbreakingly conservative“, he says. „We can only dream of a place like the Schwules Museum in Berlin – providing a safe and permanent home for queer culture and art.”

Cabine avec Vue, Marc Martin

From early November, „Les Tasses“ will also be available as a book. Obviously, this needs to be celebrated, so Martin will be happy to meet you at Paris book store Les Mots à la Bouche, where he will install a unique cabinet of curiosities for your pleasure until December 6.

In the meantime, there will be a busy schedule at Point Ephémere – for example a urinal-centric performance by artist duo Binôme AlArmand on November 21; an evening about LGBTIQ+ archives with researcher Régis Schlagdenhauffen on November 22; and a toilet club night with DJ LeBaldi on November 28. It’s going to get dirty, sexy and smart. The Schwules Museum will be there in spirit and raise its glass. Bonne chance!