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What’s the tea?

14. April 2021

Two trans people, one hot topic: artist and curator Sanni Est presents her brand new podcast “The Tea Talk”.

Artist and curator Sanni Est is launching a podcast on Spotify called “The Tea Talk” on Wednesday, April 21 2021. Over the course of ten episodes, she will talk to 10 different people to rant about trans issues, share some gossip and break a few taboos in the process. In the first episode she is joined by artist and writer Alex Alvina Chamberland, who talks about her Tinder troubles being a trans woman dating: When does she disclose to her date that she’s trans? How has the behaviour of cis men towards her changed since she started passing more. And why was she banned temporarily from Tinder? The first episode of “The Tea Talk” provides answers to these questions as well as an exclusive excerpt from her novel „Love the World or Get Killed Trying“.

In keeping with the pun in the title, “The Tea Talk” spills the tea and sheds some light on a personal problem or whatever is currently on the mind of the trans community, avoiding the usual trauma porn. The topics for the next nine half-hour long episodes are chosen by the guests themselves and may address current personal experiences or political events. One thing is for sure: it will be emotional, political, artistic and a different topic every single episode. Sanni Est promises: “What I strive for as a trans activist is that our narratives are presented as complex as we are as people.”

New episodes will be published every third Wednesday of the month and will be, depending on the guest, in German, English or Portuguese.

“The Tea Talk”. A Podcast by Schwules Museum, hosted by Sanni Est:

Sanni Est is a performer, DJ, curator, actress and author and one of the most famous artists of queer Berlin. In the mainstream she is well known through her performances at the Gorki Theatre, and at the same time she has become one of the most prominent and multi-faceted voices of Berlin’s trans* community.

In 2021 she is Fellow of the Schwules Museum as part of the programme “Weltoffenes Berlin”, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. As part of the fellowship, she produces the podcast “The Tea Talk” and is preparing an exhibition on the trans community in Northeast Brazil, which will be presented at the Schwules Museum in 2022.

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