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Nicole Otte: Head of Administration
Tom Nehiba: Assistant of the Managing Directors
Dirk Harting: Reception

Archive and Library

Dr. Peter Rehberg: Head of Collections & Archives
Kristine Schmidt
: Research Assistant
Ingo Schmahl: Librarian
Dr. Michael Bucher: Research Assistant (data base)
Anne Krause: Research Assistant (data base)

Art Collection

Jörg Krüger: Art Collection, Workshop and Exhibition Installation 

Press and Public Relations

Daniel Sander: Head of Press and Public Relations
L* Reiter: Press and Public Relations Assistant


Gero Götschenberg: Shop Management


Carina Klugbauer: Research Assistant Exhibitions

Education and Outreach

Sandra Ortmann: Head of Education and Outreach
Frede Macioszek
: Research Trainee Exhibitions, Education and Archive