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100 Objects: An Archive of Feelings (Guided tour in German)

8. October 2020 18:00


A free tour for the exhibition 100 Objects in German. You can register on the day of the tour by leaving your contact details at the pay desk. Due to Covid-19 only 6 people are allowed to take part in the tour. Unfortunately, participation cannot be guaranteed. Participation is free of charge, you only have to pay the entrance fee to the SMU.

In 100 Objects we show the richness, the diversity and the fascination of our collection in 100 selected Objects – representative for for 1.5 million items of archive material. Arranged along the feelings desire, joy, care, anger, and fear we present an uncompromisingly queer collection  – ranging from photographs to drag costumes, documents to paintings, books from 1629 to contemporary artistic positions.