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All my/our relations: Decolonizing the Western Philosophy through Indigenous and Feminist Collaboration

29. July 2016 19:00

Series of lectures: Radical Transfeminism in connection with the exhibition MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS*

With Sebastian de Line

Can posthumanism be decolonized?

In Cree and Michif indigenous languages, Niw_hk_m_kanak means ‘all my/our relations.’ In this discussion, I will endeavour to explain and weave together a possibility of collaboration between all my/our relations and diffractive posthumanism as transmitted in traditional indigenous knowledge explained by L. Little Bear and contemporary western feminist scholars, Donna Haraway and Karen Barad. I believe these philosophical projects can benefit each other and expand upon a feminist discourse of science and philosophy, without the necessity of relying upon occidental systems. Feminism is constantly amending limitations of objective philosophy. How can feminism amend dualism and objectivity through bifocal perspectives? Can a fuller picture be experienced or only viewed? Would transfeminism potentially benefit from such a collaboration between feminist and indigenous philosophy?