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Allyship Athletics: An inter* + ally Action Night from and with Giegold & Weiß (German/English)

23. April 2022 19:00

What does allyship mean in art and activism and how can it be practically implemented and lived? What do we want from allies and how can we be allies?

In the context of the exhibition Mercury Rising – Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then, we want to explore these questions together in a performative and participatory parcours, conceptualised by the artist* duo Giegold & Weiß in collaboration with Luan Pertl and Sylvia Sadzinski. As SMU’s first inter*-focused exhibition, Mercury Rising – Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then was created and curated by inter* people and their allies as a team with and for each other.
Together, we want to celebrate allyship as a central practice in the struggle for visibility and recognition of inter* people and inter* movements in particular.

In three stations we will learn from, with and about each other, bundle and vent our anger towards the violently binary, heterosexist system and celebrate the increasing strength and visibility of inter* movements.

Moderation: Alex Giegold, Luan Pertl, Sylvia Sadzinski, Tomka Weiß

The event lasts 2 hours. Admission: 4€.

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Booking advice: Please select an event ticket for April 23 at 7 PM (19:00) to visit the event.

Cover: Giegold & Weiß: Future Spaces, 2021, conceptualised for “Mercury Rising”, architecture by “Artworks”. Installation. Photo: Mika J. Wisskirchen/SMU.