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Archive Queer BIPOC* Histories: A Roundtable

9. July 2022 16:00

Archiving Queer BIPOC* Histories: A Roundtable with Peter Rehberg (SMU), Thao Ho (SMU) and Tarek Shukrallah (Humboldt University Berlin). Topics include trans-historical entanglements of queer movements (Germany-Indonesia), queer of color critique in archival work, archival records of migrant gay movements, and collection activities and indexing in the SMU archive.

The roundtable is part of the Unsettling Archives conference. The 3-day conference (7-9/7/22) focuses on the relationships between narrative and material representations of bodies and its frictions that unsettle and confirm gendered and racialized knowledge productions in archives. You’ll find more information here.

The event will be held at Schwules Museum in English and is a cooperation between Schwules Museum, Princeton University, and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Entrance: 4€

Tarek Shukrallah (they) is a political and social scientist, political educator and activist in anti-racist and queer movements. Shukrallah’s current work focuses on intersectionality and class politics.

Thao Ho (she/they) is a cultural scholar specializing in auditory and visual arts and works at the Schwules Museum as a research trainee. Ho is invested in political community organising, writes and creates video works. Currently, Ho focuses on politics of memory and transnational queer movements.

Peter Rehberg (he) is Head of collections at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, where he also curates exhibitions, most recently 100 Objects: An Archive of Feelings and Intimacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond. His research focuses on queer theory, visual and popular culture, and theories of the archive.

*BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and People of Color