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Artist Talk with Irène Mélix

29. September 2021 18:00

As part of the event, Irène Mélix und Vincent Schier will talk about the exhibition “lonely hearts”, personal ads, stories, artistic research and about what can still be found in the short texts in which the search for love and lust, partnership and affairs is formulated. What do we experience about the writers and their temporal, social and political context?

During the event Irène Mélix will also read an excerpt from the audio piece “lila lieder”, in which protagonists from different places and different times meet at a queer pub. What starts with shy movements develops into a lavish party, which celebrates a piece of queer history.

Cover picture: Irène Mélix: Hommage an Alice Austen – Irène Mélix, Francy Fabritz, Nadine Grobeis (2020), Photo: Matthias Hamann