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Artist Talk with Riar Rizaldi

29. June 2023 18:00

Utopia/Dystopia invites Riar Rizaldi, an artist and filmmaker working predominantly with moving images and sound, to the Schwules Museum to discuss his film practice and the process of conceptualising and creating Hak Untuk Malas [The Right to Do Nothing] (2021). The Right to Do Nothing, which follows an Indonesian migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong, who is trapped (or blessed) in an ultraterrestrial world where the notion of work does not exist, is a sonic fiction in the form of radio play that will take you into a world of non-productivity. Join us for this artist talk, in which we discuss the relationship between capital and technology, labour and nature, the politics of rest, and the possibility of theoretical fiction.

The event will take place in English spoken language. Free Admission.

Image: Filmstill “Hak Untuk Malas [The Right to Do Nothing (2021)”, Illustration by Rega Ayundya