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Book presentation “Klassenfahrt”

12. May 2022 19:00

Join us on the class trip on Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm! The editors Julian Knop and Frede Macioszek read from their newly published anthology “Klassenfahrt“. In 63 personal stories on classism and subtle differences, they explain what soft drinks, slice cheese, snack machines, Star Trek and a plate have to do with classism.

In narratives, comics and interviews, 50 people talk about their experiences with classism. In different formats, they deal with topics such as health, money, shame, sexuality and access. The narrators talk about grief, anger and strength and address contradictions.
By sharing different experiences, it becomes visible that we continue to live in a society where class and class origin structurally regulate participation. The anthology is an invitation to talk about these issues. A collection to reflect, sensitize, laugh and satisfy curiosity.

Frede Macioszek (*1989)
is a first-generation college student and has been working in academic and non-academic contexts on a variety of topics for several years. In addition to classism, they teach and write on topics related to gender, sexuality, shame and vulnerability.

Julian Knop (*1990)
is a political educator. He works on democracy and diversity education and conflicts. His class advancement has not yet been crowned by a university degree.

The event is in German spoken language. The entrance fee of the event is 4€. A 3G proof is required.

You can order the book at: https://www.edition-assemblage.de/buecher/klassenfahrt/