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Elledorado Artcharity: the art auction

19. October 2019 15:00

Auction: 19th October 2019, from 3pm. Auctioneer: Peter Rehberg (Head of archives SMU)
Exhibition of the art works: From 12th October

Artcharity is a one-of-kind project, expressing the art scene’s solidarity with the international LGBTIQ* communities. 25 artists have donated 36 art works, and the good people of elledorado e.V. will auction them off for a good cause. This year’s proceeds go to FRUIT BASKET, an organisation devoted to taking care of queer refugees in South Africa; Tbilisi PRIDE, that is facing great repressions wanting to set up a Pride march in the Georgian capital; and MCC Moscow, a queer educational platform in Russia.

The Schwules Museum has also donated a piece from its collection: “Ernst-Reuter-Platz” by Gregorio Ortega Coto