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Empowerment through activism and art workshop

17. December 2021 14:00

Queer activism happens on social media, in the streets, in education, in associations and networks. For many trans* and inter* activists, art and creative strategies play a big role in that. But what is art at all and how can trans* and inter* artists through influence their Communities through their art and activism? The speakers will introduce different artistic positions, strategies and historic as well current role models.

Activism can on one hand be demanding, exhausting and sometimes disappointing. On the other hand, it can give strength, build community, write stories and therefore work as empowerment itself. The participants discuss what they understand as activism themselves, how activism and art relate to each other and how they can used purposefully.

The workshop is aimed exclusively at trans* and/or inter* people. In a safe space, the participants receive input in interactive, clearly designed units and there is time for exchanging ideas and strengthening networks.


Luan Pertl is an inter* activist in Austria and Germany with focus on educational work and peer counseling.
Felicia Rolletsch is a freelancer workshop trainer, orator, blogger and trans* activist from Berlin.

An offer from the Schwules Museum Berlin.
The workshop lasts 4 hours.

Please register per email at fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de and write us with the registration one sentence about why you would like to participate. You get the confirmation of participation and the link per email a few days before the workshop. Group registration is for this appointment not possible.

A free offer from the Schwules Museum in German language. Donations are always welcome – please enter the word „Bildung“ as purpose of use: