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Filmscreening „El Entusiasmo“

8. September 2022 19:00

The documentary film “El Entusiasmo” by Luis E. Herrero traces the political transition from dictatorship to bourgeois democracy in Spain in the 1970s and accompanies anarchists and syndicalists.

After fourty years of dictatorship, the reconstruction of the CNT during the Spanish transition overtook all the expectations. The historical workers organization became the place where all the struggles seemed to have a place. But its spectacular growth wouldn’t go unnoticed in a particularly delicate time for the country due to the change of political regime and the effects of the economical crisis. “El entusiasmo” is also the story of a defeat.

The film will be shown as part of the exhibition “Ocaña. Der Engel, der in der Qual singt”. Afterwards: a Q&A with political scientist Stefan Loibl, moderated by the curator Samuel Perea-Díaz.

The film will be shown in Spanish spoken language with English subtitles, the conversation will be in German, English and Spanish spoken language. Admission: 4€. Please wear a medical mask.