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Finissage and Party to Tuntenhaus Forellenhof 1990

28. February 2023 19:00

After six and a half months, the exhibition “Tuntenhaus Forellenhof 1990 – the short summer of gay communism” closed on 13.02.23 at the Gay Museum. Not only the great public interest and the attention of the press should be the reason to invite to a big finissage and party in the SO36; in the SO not only because it is a great club, but because there were many connections between the Tunten in the Mainzer Straße 1990 and the SO36 of the nineties. Therefore, as a grand finale, there will be a finissage and party for the exhibition.


Location: SO36

19:30: TV documentary from 1991 ‘The Battle of Tuntenhaus’.

20:00: Standing around with discreet background music (‘British Synthie-Wave / Italo-House’)

21:00: Concept show with festive finissage ‘An Agit-Prop-Pop Music Exploration Through Times’. with B.Oytoy, Basti, Bleach, Bri, Claudia Fierke, Coco Lorès, Gloria Viagra (requested), Iris Dankemeyer, Ms. Pünktchen.

22:30: Techno with DJ Disko