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Finissage und Diskussion “Odarodle”

16. October 2017 19:00

For the finissage of “Odarodle” we present a round table discussion on 16 October, 7 pm. It’s hosted by our post colonialism research fellow and “Odarodle” curator, Ashkan Sepahvand, and Aykan Safoğlu, SMU* board member, artist and curator of “Soft G: Queer Forms Migrate.” Both will talk with Vera Hofmann, head of our exhibition planning group, about their experiences working at the museum. What were the challenges and obstacles? And how could our institution create a ‘more open, critical, inclusive work environment’? One that includes ‘more queer-feminist perspectives and appeals to a younger, more international and diverse audience,’ as Sepahvand says.

The three will also discuss how the museum archive could be used more for artistic projects, as source material and inspiration.

Visitors are expressly invited to join the discussion and share their thoughts.

Dusty Whistles and Hasan Aksaygin have been asked to attend as well, both have worked at SMU* in the recent past. We want to hear from them what their ‘ideals, frustrations, reservations and visions for the museum are,’ as Mr. Sepahvand puts it.