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Guided Tour: RAINBOW ARCADE – Queer Gaming History 1985-2018

22. December 2018 16:00

A free guided tour of our special exhibition RAINBOW ARCADE – Queer Gaming History 1985-2018 in English. Registration not necessary, only the museum entrance fee must be paid.

For the first time worldwide, the queer history of video games will be explored in a major exhibition: RAINBOW ARCADE will open at Schwules Museum Berlin in December 2018 and features a wide variety of exhibits spanning over 30 years of media history, including playable titles, concept drawings, modifications written by fans themselves and documentations of online communities. The exhibition will be taking stock of contemporary pop cultural questions of representation, stereotypical and discriminatory narratives in entertainment media, and our cultural memory. For the first time, research by the LGBTQ Game Archive will be presented in a museum.

Guided tours of the Schwules Museum exhibitions are held regularly every Thursday  (6pm) and Saturday (4pm) in German or English.

We also offer private tours for groups and school classes through the exhibtion and archives. More info in private tours can be found here.