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Guided Tour: CHANGE OF SCENERY 2.05 (English)

11. August 2018 16:00

While Change of Scenery in its edition 2.05 presents Radical – Lesbian – Feminist as a main feature, curator Wolfgang Theis also gives a historical overview of the gay and lesbian liberation movement in the rest of his exhibition. He starts with the persecution of “Sodomites” in the Middle Ages and offers a wall that shows which punishments certain countries still have for homosexual behavior today.

Other sections are dedicated to Magnus Hirschfeld and his Institute for Sexual Science (which can be seen as an architectural model). Also the infamous Eulenburg Affair from 1907 is presented with original prints and satirical cartoons.

The guided tours usually focus on different key aspects of the LGBTIQ* movement, depending on where the discussion with the visitors takes us. So it’s worth joining the tour more than once.