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10. September 2010 19:00

Commercially successful German HIP HOP likes to operate again and again with themes glorifying violence and obscenity, making use of both racist and sexist stereotypes. It is of course the policy of the rappers and their producing music labels, and it is the policy of the media, which find exactly this worthwhile to report. Sex(ism) sells! What is not yet widely known is that queer m/f artists have established themselves in the field of HIP HOP, RnB, Soul, Funk. They create HIP HOP and Rap beyond sexism, homophobia and racism. Due to their queer positions they deliberately separate themselves from the mainstream and demonstrate that HIP HOP is able to act politically in a completely different way. Our intention is to point out this aspect of HIP HOP and  the fact that HIP HOP is more than machismo, cars and golden necklaces. HIP HOP is beat, message and life style. HIP HOP is community and an appeal to treat each other peacefully and with respect.