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I’m Gay I Can’t Be Racist: Episode VIII

15. December 2020 19:00

In this third segment of an ongoing dialogue activist Rachael Moore and artist Isaiah Lopaz will map racisms which are normalised, performed, and protected in gay, queer, and LGBTQIA PLUS instutions, movements, communities, and social circles. Really Animated Conversations I’m Gay I Can’t Be Racist Episode VIII will analyse sexual racism through a multidimensional lens while also charting the refuge that safer spaces created by Black people who chart their identities along LGBTQIA PLUS spectrums create, while also highlighting how these spaces are consistently censured and/or colonised.

It is essential to speak what is often unspoken: these racisms overlap with anti-Blackness/anti-Indigeneity, imperialism, the removal and genocide of Indigenous people, the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, capitalism, contemporary racism, and white supremacy. We remember as prologue what is absent from discussions like these, what is missing from western histories, queer and gender theory, and gay rights movements. We remember the suspension of diverse gender identities, the same sex practices and desires which were essential to our ancestors’ traditions, cultures, and understandings of themselves.

These traditions are simultaneously ancient, present, and infinite. We invoke these perspectives as we speak about the racialisation of homophobia, the appropriation of Black struggle and Black cultures, sexual racism, attempts to dismantle safer spaces for Black queer people, the erasure, and exclusion of Black people from LGBTQIA PLUS narratives, politics, and institutions, and other forms of violence rooted in racism.


The online event will be in English and streamed on our Facebook channel.


Picture: Isaiah Lopaz