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Krzysztof Jung Drawings (German)

18. April 2019 18:00

Guided Tour

A free guided tour of our special exhibition Krzysztof Jung Drawings in German. Registration not necessary, only the museum entrance fee must be paid.

With Krzysztof Jung Drawings the Schwules Museum Berlin showcases a Polish artist for the first time. Jung, who died in 1998 at the age of 48, is valued as an important figure of homosexual art. In his drawings, paintings and performances Jung often worked with the taboo of the naked human body – as he does in his series The Holy Sebastian, which stands as a focal point at the center of the exhibition. The show is curated by SMU co-founder Wolfgang Theis with the great support of Jung’s estate handler Dorota Krawczyk-Janisch and Jung’s longtime friend Wojciech Karpiński.

Guided tours of the Schwules Museum exhibitions are held regularly every Thursday  (6pm) and Saturday (4pm) in German or English. We also offer private tours for groups and school classes through the exhibtion and archives. More info in private tours can be found here.