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Curator Tour: “SEX IM ALTER: Homage for Mahide Lein’s 69th Birthday” (German)

3. January 2019 18:00

A free guided tour of SEX IM ALTER Homage for Mahide Lein’s 69th Birthday with curator Mahide Lein in German. Registration is not necessary, only the museum entrance fee must be paid.

As a part of the Year of the Women programming, the Schwules Museum honors activist Mahide Lein with a special exhibition. The exhibition is in the framework of the historical overview exhibition A Change of Scenery, which explores the history of gay and lesbian emancipation movements from the middle ages until today.

Guided tours of Schwules Museum exhibitions are held regularly on Thursdays (6pm) and Saturdays (4pm). SMU also provides guided tours of exhibitons and the archive for private groups and classes. More information here.

This exhibition is part of the programming for the Year of the Women, which is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.