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Layers of Intimacy

13. April 2019 11:00


Time: 15:00 Uhr
Place: The Village, Kurfürstenstraße 31
Language: English
Cost: Donation

What skills and bodily intelligences does it take to offer sexual services? This workshop explores dimensions of physical and energetic skills that are fundamental in sex work. In hands-on exercises you will connect to strangers, synch in with rhythms of subtle movement and train impulses in relation to other bodies. In conversations, we will share experiences from within the workshop as well as compare these dimensions of sex work to other work fields.

The workshop will be led by two sex workers with a background in dance and somatics. The exercises involve light touch and movement. No nudity or sexual acts involved. Open to everyone from 18 y.o., all backgrounds welcome. Duration 2h, language English.

Sex workers are expected to be experts of sensuality. In a scheduled manner they need to be ready to connect to different needs of intimacy, physical contact, proximity or ecstasy. This demands the training of several human intelligences – interpersonal, kinesthetic and rhythmical intelligences – and specific capacities such as empathetic reading of others and spontaneity in reacting with body-language and -actions accordingly. Even though these capacities often act subconsciously, they can be brought up to conscious reflection and experienced in exemplifications for a broader audience.

In hands-on exercises the participants connect to strangers in simple sensual acts of touch, as well as synching to the other’s rhythms of subtle movement and training impulses in relation to other bodies. These practical exercises stem from our experience in both sex work and designing workshops in contemporary dance and sex-positive contexts. The workshop includes  conversations, feedback-loops, and sharing about similarities and differences in the outlined skills and bodily intelligences in sex-work vis-à-vis other professional spheres.

Workshop coordinators:

Isaak is a sexworker, cultural activist and dancer based in Berlin. He works in different fields and formats including interdisciplinary workshop settings with diverse social groups, ranging from arts and crafts to international dance collaborations. He also takes part in activism, fighting for more experimental funding structures in cultural work. In his sex work he aims to create sessions in which his customers connect to their own bodies through his, and experiment with their desires. He lately began to star in porn and is currently preparing a PhD-project looking into qualities of “being together” in sex through movement studies.

Robert is a massage and touch therapist with a background in yoga, dance and theatre. He has been involved since 1997 in ritualistic work with ayahuasca, and works as an initiated healer in Umbanda (Afro-Brasilian) ceremonies. After completing the Sacred Intimacy training with Authentic Eros in Berlin, he created his own Respiro-Touch workshops. Also known as erotic shaman, he focuses on connecting Sex with Spirit through the healing aspects of conscious touch, pleasure, joy and gratitude. Based in the Netherlands, he travels to spread his healing touch and magic in his workshops and private sessions.

The Village
Village – Community Center
Kurfürstenstrasse 31/32
10785 Berlin