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Reading Marathon: „City, Country, Book“: Two Loves

25. November 2010 19:00

Rainer Vollath reads from his novel Two loves: Sachsenhausen, Flossenbürg, Berlin Nollendorfplatz  – life stations of a life in motion, of a touching history.
Berlin 1938. The 28 years old Fritz is trapped by the Gestapo in Berlin’s Tiergarten, he is arrested and deported in a concentration camp. For seven years he is in Sachsenhausen and Flossenbürg. His love with the young prisoner Jan from Warsaw helps him to survive. However, at the end of the war their paths are separated for ever. Afraid of reprisals Fritz leads a double life in Berlin after the war for decades and he doesn’t dare to admit his gayness. However, in 1969 § 175 is defused, and a fresh breeze blows throughout the metropolis. Fritz tries to get a compensation for the tortures he had to suffer in the concentration camp – and he meets Will.