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18. July 2018 18:00

The thoughts and feelings of young females*, of people of color, of trans* and intersexuals are shows far too seldom in films, music videos and tv advertisment.

That’s the reason why SMU – in cooperation with Archiv der Jugendkulturen // Diversity Box, Jugend im Museum and EMPOWERMENT – is offering a holiday workshop under the guidance of film maker Sanni Cabral.

Inspired by the program of the 7th Moon the teenagers are asked to translate their experiences into films and videos and present an unusual, curious and queer perspective – in opposition to the standard (hetero) normative mainstream visions. The results of the workshop will be presented on 18 July in our film lounge, afterwards these workshops films will become part of the 12 Moons program and run for three weeks.

More information can be found here.