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Love at First Fight! (Guided tour in German)

7. October 2021 18:00

Guided Tour

A free tour of the exhibition LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT! Queer Movements in Germany since Stonewall in German.

On the night of June 27th 1969, police stormed into New York’s Stonewall Inn once again. But on this occasion, it was one time too many: Stonewall’s patrons and queer people of all genders defended themselves against routine harassment. Decades of pent up anger then erupted in a days-long uprising on Christopher Street, setting the tone for queer emancipation around the world.

This day has often been narrated as a gay success story with a happy ending: civic recognition. But for many, the fight never stopped. “Love at First Fight” at the Schwules Museum opens up new paths and perspectives on (more than) 50 years of queer resistance in the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic, and finally in a reunited Germany.

A registration is not necessary. The number of participantes is currently limited to ten people. Please fill the contact tracking list at the cash desk. Please protect yourself and our employees and come tested, recovered or fully vaccinated. A 3-G certificate is mandatory for participation. Participation is for free, only the entrance in the SMU itself has to be paid.