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Mavi Veloso: Quase Show (Finissage “Queer City”)

7. January 2018 19:00

Almost music, almost performance, almost show. Almost human, almost pervert, almost love, almost a happy soul. The woman-to-come, the male-between, transgressive asshole, caressing us all. 2016, 2017, the man-and-machine, the cyber-to-grow. 2018.

Almost cunt, almost vagina, almost feet, almost head, almost nude, almost my soul if I’m gone, almost come-back.

“Quase” in Portuguese means “almost.” We start to sing without knowing how to make music, to make fiction and to tell our stories. It’s about learning-while-doing. While we almost exist in a normative society, full of systems to control, we shout to produce vibration, vibrating bodies (Suely Rolnik/Lygia Clark). We appropriate other’s voices, listening and miming to gain and give voice to our multiple selves. It comes with the desire to speak out. It comes as a statement and as a manifest. It comes from personal experience and observation of contexts. It talks about marginal, stranger, foreigner, trans, queer bodies and the displacements of it. And the replacements of it.

Quase Show is part of project #iwannamakerevolution, a transdisciplinary project with creations in different media appropriating subjects of migration, transits and mutations in the body (male-to-female transition process) as performance tool and method.

#iwannamakerevolution started as a post-master research at A.PASS in Brussels, Belgium (2015-16). Now it continues in the form of a Master of Voice program at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. It’s a project-in-residence with the ArtsEverywhere online platform and it’s a fellow of the Free Home University in Lecce, Italy and Queer City São Paulo (all Musagetes’ ongoing programs.) It’s also supported by DansMakers, Amsterdam.

This performance by Mavi Veloso is the closing event of the exhibition Queer City: Stories from São Paulo.