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24. August 2023 12:00

Liaam Iman is leading a meditation to enter into the space of _GAP.

During this one hour together we will descend in a deep state of relaxation guided with the sound of voice and drumming, allowing a path to softly unfold allowing us to enter the realms of visualisation, the sound of our own inner voice leading to a peaceful space within.

The _GAP installation will then nurture you further, inspiring what it can feel like to enter a gap between the rushes of everyday life.

Liaam Iman is a vocalist, composer, percussionist and Reiki master of Algerian, Kabyle descent. After graduating from Art school in 2012, specialising in interactive performance and choreography they have been exploring the intersections between migration, belonging and healing through art, music and community work.

Since 2018, they have been facilitating workshops, organising self-healing circles and meditations in several contexts. Liaam’s approach mainly focuses on daily life practices as tools for transformation, merging sound elements in collective settings for participants to access resources within, invoking what we each respectively need to face life’s challenges. Newly nomad, Liaam Iman is currently working on their debut album and preparing their first Reiki seminar.

A workshop by Liaam Iman. Find them on Instagram here. The workshop language is English. Duration: 12PM-1PM. Admission: free.

Grafik: Schwules Museum