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Mercury Rising (guided tour in English)

17. February 2022 18:00

Guided tour

A free guided tour through the “Mercury Rising – Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then” exhibition.

SMU’s first inter* focused exhibition is dedicated to the past and present of inter* movement(s) in activism, society, art and culture. It explores fragmentary universes and utopias on the topic of intersex issues which, until now has often been filtered and handed down through the gaze of dyadic people, or still is.

The multimedia wall collage by Ins A Kromminga and Ev Blaine Matthigack searches for traces of ancestors and origins of intersex movement(s) and associatively relates positions of inter* artists.  In an installative space station by the duo Giegold & Weiß, the voices of intersex activists become audible and visible and an intersex utopia is created.

A registration is not necessary. The number of participantes is currently limited to ten people. Please fill the contact tracking list at the cash desk. Participation is for free, only the entrance in the SMU itself has to be paid. The event happens in English. Participation is only possible with a valid 2G-certificate.