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Modes of Endurance: Indonesian Queer Life and Politics amidst Normative Violence

23. Juni 2016 19:00

Alternative sexualities and gender expressions increasingly become the target of hostility in Indonesia. While in the past sexual and gender minorities were treated with ambivalence, today the national media makes use of the acronym „LGBT“ to portray minorities as an invisible and foreign threat for the nation.

At Queer Kitchen the recent event of antiqueer rethorics, violence, and abandonment in Indonesia will be adressed through the following questions: Which progressive queer politics can be made in the intersections of religious, cultural, and class differences? What forms of activism can be developed beyond claims for recognition and liberation? More importantly what concrete ways of solidarity can we engage with in the face of ongoing modes of queer endurance/exhaustion at the cusp of social death?

With Ferdiansyah Thajib.