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My Dearest Sweet Love: Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy (German)

3. August 2019 16:00

Guided Tour

A free tour of the exhibition My Dearest Sweet Love: Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy in German. Reservation is not necessary. Only the museum entrance fee must be paid.

My Dearest Sweet Love examines about the relationship between novelist Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986) and painter Don Bachardy (b. 1934). With photographs, paintings, books and film posters, the exhibition traces their life together, from moving in together in 1953 until Isherwood’s death in 1986. It also traces Isherwood’s early years in Berlin and the long process of his public coming-out: from the ‘closeted’ Goodbye to Berlin novels, on which the musical Cabaret is based, to the very ‘out’ Christopher and His Kind in 1976, which finally retells Isherwood’s Berlin years with blunt honesty.

The exhibition is curated by Kevin Clarke, Katherine Bucknell and Joe Rodota of The Christopher Isherwood Foundation and Chris Paxton (research assistance). The exhibition programming is curated by Dr. Peter Rehberg, Head of the Schwules Museum archive. Scenography: Martin Hoffmann & Jörg Krüger.

Guided tours of SMU exhibitions take place every Thursday (6pm) and Saturday (4pm) in German or English. We also provide the possibility for private and group tours through our exhibitions and archive. More info can be found here