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Objects of Desire: Performance Evening

8. May 2019 19:00

An Evening of Performances

The first performance is based on the protocol of a paid chat between a customer and escort Pascal Schaefers. The customer asked for a virtual fight about a woman. But in doing that the two men get very close. The performance by Benjamin van Bebber and Bastian Zimmermann uses this chat protocol and realises it as a time-based score. The text has been provided by Schaefers and is displayed in the exhibition.

The artists:
Pascal Schaefers has been working as an escort for ten years. After working for some years he began to write about it in German magazines, e.g. a column in NEON or an essay in ZEIT ONLINE. At the moment he is producing the Ohlala sex podcast with Anne Lomberg. Benjamin van Bebber is a musical theatre director based in Hamburg. Bastian Zimmermann is a curator and dramaturg in music and theatre based in Munich and Berlin. Together they create explicit films – one in 2008 and one in 2012 – which have been shown at the Porn Film Festival, Berlin.

In the second performance of the night Luke Howlin a.k.a. Neocamp presents the second part of his work Untitled. Through dual musical performances as his alter ego and as himself, Howlin aims to transgress notions of sexual identity, camp and the performed self.

The artist:
Luke Howlin (b.1988) is an Irish-born artist and musician based in Berlin. His work centres around performed identity, gender and cultural dissonance, and his practice includes musical composition, digital technologies and performance under the pseudonym Neocamp. Neocamp began to gain attention as a performed identity in New York’s queer avant garde scene in 2013 and continues to perform regularly as an online persona, musical act and intraditional performance art contexts.