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Out of Many Panel

25. October 2018 19:00

Out of Many, a TFFB-curated film program screening at the 12 Moons Film Lounge during Moon 10, brings together a selection of works that depict trans* involvement in different movements around the globe. On 25 October, at 19:00, we invite you to join us in a talk with four Berlin-based trans* activists and organizers, working on different issues, in discussion about the work they do, the challenges they face and some of the strategies that they find effective.


Auro is a latinx transboy of color, makes music, performances, writes and is a sex worker. He has lived and been involved with transfeminist connections in different countries. In Berlin, he has been involved in the organization and the political process of Fuzarka- Festival Feminista Latinamerica em foco and is trying to create a self-organized support network for queer Latinx and BIPOC sex workers.

We, the trans*guidebook collective, are an abolitionist group made up of volunteer individuals who want to support trans* people in prisons. Our new brochure aims to support imprisoned trans* and non-binary people, by giving legal advices and everyday tips. We would also like to begin a debate about trans*/non-binary people and prisons. Above all, we would like to connect imprisoned, repressed and other trans*/non-binary people who want to show solidarity, with each other.

Leon Harun Witzel is very enthusiastic about quaternary Relief_Reviews, for example in the form of high alpine hiking. He is a space visionary, counsellor and a trained hiking guide. Since 15 years he’s around to fight for trans* rights / empowerment / emancipation. In his spare time he is dipl. Geographer, and works on his PhD thesis on “Strategies – Against hegemonic housing madness” at the University of Bayreuth and likes cats.

Mathilde will be there to talk about Hydra Café, the new project of Hydra e.V.
Hydra Café, a meeting point for sexworkers in Berlin, led by sexworkers, will be opening very soon.

Moderated by Zoya (TFFB).

The event is part of the 12 Moons Film Lounge. 12 Moons is a year long queer-feminist film series, with changing programs at every new moon. The films are shown daily during the museum’s regular opening hours, on a large screen and two monitors.

12 Moons is part of the one-year program Year of the Women* – a concerted queer-feminist intervention. Year of the Women* is supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa (Senate Department for Culture and Europe).