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Queer Diaspora: The New Revolutionary Class?

13. November 2020 19:00

Without life and labor realities of migrants and queers, the contemporary European working class would be quite different, and – as much as Europe as a whole – it would probably be much weaker, too. Starting from their personal experiences as queer People of Color living in Europe, and as communists, Tarek Shukrallah and Mala Badi analyze and discuss issues of intersectional solidarity within the global working class and struggles for recognition and redistribution. Refugees and other diasporic citizens are a great part of Europe’s working class, but however, racism and queer realities are often still ignored and unheard. How can class struggle be both: revolutionary and intersectional?


Mala Badi is a Marxist revolutionary gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, storyteller, poet and political activist from Morocco, co-founder of Aswat collective against discriminations based in sexuality and gender identities in morocco, co-founder of SRHAQ queer refugee group, co-founder of Queer revolution Morocco Movement. They are a member of 20 February movement in Morocco and a leader in UECSE (Student organization Morocco) and they are the Mother of bnat Mala house.

Their art and activism emerge from their personal daily experiences and their struggles and their political engagement as well as their anti-capitalist queer and decolonial political engagement. They seek to amplify the visibility of the queer & trans* Moroccans in diaspora, North African, Amazigh, Muslim and Refugee communities.

Tarek Shukrallah is a non-binary political scientist and activist. Their focus lies on domestic – and social movement policies. Tarek Shukrallah deals with social movements, queer politics, police – and migration/border-regimes from both, an academic and a political intersectional perspective. Such a perspective puts an analysis of the social and material formations of class up front. They ask for potentials of rebellious political practices, to counter and contend the dominant capitalist and patriarchal hegemonies. Tarek Shukrallah facilitates the skill-sharing platform partizipieren.org. They are a moderator, a trainer for organizing, and a writer for numerous media platforms and a blog. Follow Tarek Shukrallah on Instagram and Twitter via @tarekshuk.

Moderator: Armin Djamali is currently studying Middle Eastern studies, focusing mostly on contemporary literature of the Iranian Diaspora in Germany. Besides his studies, he is working with young people on the topics of queer biographies, racial profiling and police brutality or empowerment.

The free online event will be in English. Join our stream on Facebook live. A cooperation between Schwules Museum and Autonomes Schwulenreferat des AStA Marburg.